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Linen Concertina Watercolour Sketchbook with Chiyogami

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Concertina sketchbook hand bound with linen, with a square of exquisite Japanese hand screen printed Chiyogami paper set into the front cover. 

The pure linen is carefully backed with Japanese tissue paper using archival wheat starch paste to make it suitable for book covering. Read more about this here

Each book has 6 two-sided pages of 300gsm Bockingford acid-free watercolour paper, and measures 14.2cm x 9.7cm x 1.5cm.

Perfect paired with a Chiyogami Concertina Watercolour Sketchbook.

"Eagerly awaited, the two concertina books arrived beautifully packaged. The books themselves are exquisitely made and a joy to handle and look at. These are things to treasure in their own right." Phil 

Colour and design