New Bespoke Online Tutorials

I have missed teaching workshops terribly during this difficult time, and I know that you have missed them too, as many of you have got in touch to ask when they might be able to start again, or if I will be doing any online teaching.

I like to offer workshops that are about learning bookbinding skills, rather than assembling a book from a kit, although there are some excellent kits available if that is what you want to do. I'm also a firm believer in the value of watching a craftsperson demonstrate skills and techniques in person rather than on a video. So that is why I have decided not to offer online workshops, but to wait patiently for the time (not too long now I hope) when we will be able to get together again.

Having said all that - lots of you who have been to my workshops in the past, and are continuing to make books at home, have asked me to provide bespoke, one-to-one tutorials about specific techniques that you need a bit of help with. So I have decided to offer exactly that, via Zoom, on an hourly basis and tailored to meet your own needs, at a time to suit you.

I'm excited to invite you into my studio and help you with your book making. Find out how to arrange your tutorial here.

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